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Manual Sortation Conveyors

Probably the defining iconic image of traditional recycling facilities is the human sortation line. A group of people in fluorescent jackets huddled along a conveyor, sorting and grading waste into buckets or chutes by hand.

And, of course, this can still be at the heart of many a recycling operation. More recently the Mk-1 human eyeball has been supplemented by a range of additional gadgets, such as magnetic overbands to automatically remove ferrous metals, eddy-current separators to filter out aluminium cans, trommels to grade materials by size, and emergent exotic techniques such as visual recognition programs and air-jet sortation. Despite all of this, it is likely that those huddled fluorescent jackets will be with us for some considerable time.

Central conveyors can help integrate these technologies with your existing or planned human sortation lines. And of course, we can offer not just the conveyors, but a complete range of support structures such as stillages, chutes, high-level support platforms, access ladders, gangways, and electronics/controls. All of them designed specifically to meet your needs.