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Systems integration

System Integration.

System Integration is a popular jargon term for a very simple idea. Occasionaly, machines need to talk to one another in order to get the job done.

If a bailing machine detects that its input hopper is full, then it would be sensible for it to send a message to the feeding conveyor saying “I'm full... please turn off for a while and stop feeding me”.

Alternatively, perhaps there is a spare bailer, and the conveyors can 'switch' the feed of materials from Bailer 1 to Bailer 2. Several machines may have to work together to accomplish this.

At the same time, it might be nice to alert the Humans as to what is happening .. so perhaps all this information should cause lights to flash on a central control panel somewhere .. or for an alert to sound on a computer screen.

Sometimes, this is very straightforward. It may be a matter of just connecting a cable between – say – a conveyor and a bailer. On the other hand, where several machines have to make complex decisions, then it usually requires the intervention of a simple central computer (a PLC .. or Programmable Logic Controller .. in the industrial jargon) to co-ordinate everything.

In either scenario, Central Conveyors are able to help. From a simple stop/start relay, to full PLC programming, CCL have the experienced staff to fulfil most sizes of project. Whether you would like us to manage the full system integration project for you, or simply work with your own engineers to facilitate attachment of our conveyors, CCL can help.