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Welcome to our Recycling equipment website

Central Conveyors specialises in producing robust, heavy-duty Waste Recycling Conveyors and handling equipment for the waste recycling industry. We are a design and manufacturing company, and as such can provide fully integrated systems, as well as integrating new equipment into your existing MRF and Recycling machinery.

We have created this website to illustrate the sort of waste recycling conveyors, machines and systems that we can provide, and hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions, we will be delighted to chat with you on the various contact numbers shown at the bottom of this page, and on the ﮴actsࡧe, which can be found by clicking on the contacts option in the menu bar to the left.

Ever more pressure....

Waste sortation is becoming a growth industry, with governments under ever-rising pressure to reduce usage of landfill by diverting as much waste as possible into recycling plants. This is due to both declining landfill capacity and European regulation. At the same time the HSE are increasingly looking at workplace ergonomics and issues of back-related workplace injuries. Efficient, properly designed Materials Handling Systems are at the core of the solution to both problems, allowing rapid transfer of waste from loading bays to automated sortation machines (or human sortation lines), and thence to output accumulators/balers etc.

Connecting it all together

Central Conveyors has a philosophy of working closely with our customers to ensure that the resulting product 稥ther a simple small conveyor or a large integrated system ts their business needs and provides excellent value for money. We are happy to work with your engineers or contractors to link new conveyors to your present equipment; allowing existing bailers, shredders or conveyors to control them and to form a single end-to-end functional system. Our chain-driven heavy-duty conveyors are extremely robust, and readily able to handle intensive round-the-clock operation with the absolute minimum of maintenance. Our supportive and helpful team of designers and engineers take pride in working with our customers to develop innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our helpfull and friendly engineers are always delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Our telephone number is on the bottom of each screen, and there is also a 'Contacts' page giving options for email, postal address, and an easy-to-fill enquiries form. We look forward to chatting with you in the very near future