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Recycling conveyors

Conveyors are a key part to any recycling system, allowing the efficient transport of materials between processing machines, but also permitting optimum feed/takeaway rates. They can also form a key component of both manual and automatic waste sortation

Friction Belt Conveyors are the simple, usually smaller conveyors typically used for lighter grades of waste, or for human sortation lines. They lack the power to transport very heavy waste, or large bulk quantities more ...

Chain-driven Belt Conveyors are the major workhorse of the recycling world, frequently seen feeding heavy loads or large bulk quantities into machines such as shredders, compactors and bailers more ...

Sortation conveyors assist in the grading or sortation of waste. Eddy Current Seperator conveyors can filter out aluminium cans, Magnetic Overbands can filter out ferous metal (iron, steel), and Human Sortation Lines can filter by any arbitary criteria more ..