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Controls and Programing

Controls, sensors and automation

Most conveyors will require controls of some description. Frequently, this is just a simple on/off switch, perhaps supplemented by one or more emergency stop buttons (or pull cords) at key locations on the machine.

Some conveyor may need a speed control to accommodate different types of products throughout the working day. Others might need to flash a warning light (and sound a siren) when they start up... or stop.

Occasionally, there may be a need for a conveyor to react to its environment, or to 'make decisions'. For example... if a box reaches the end of the conveyor, should it fall onto the floor, or turn the conveyor off ? Perhaps it needs to be shunted onto a different conveyor line, based on the boxes shape, colour or bar-code ? Or because a human operator pressed a 'reject' button.

Whatever the requirement, Central Conveyors can design a control system to meet your needs. This includes the selection and fitting of sensors/readers, installation of Programmable Logic Controllers, and all associated wiring and programming. We are also more than happy to work with your own engineers to interconnect conveyors with your own equipment. (see our section on system integration).