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Chain Belt Conveyors

The Chain-Driven belt conveyor is in our opinion THE most suitable technology for medium and heavy-duty work, and is the workhorse of the recycling industry.

Lighter-weight friction conveyors can suffer from product falling into 'the works', wrapping around the drive roller, and jamming the conveyor. The Chain-Driven conveyor, on the other hand, is highly resistant to such problems. Its heavy-duty sprockets and chain just grind/chew through any subducted material, and it just keeps on going.

Although Chain-driven belt conveyors have a slightly higher capital cost than conventional belt conveyors, they rapidly compensate for this due to All in all, a chain-driven belt conveyor will have a lower cost of ownership, in relation to its throughput, than almost any other type.
Central conveyors are passionate advocates of chain-driven belts, and have extensive experience of designing and producing them. We are always delighted to discuss them with you, and see if they would meet your requirements.