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Belt Conveyors

The simple friction-driven conveyor has been one of the mainstays of industry since (and before) the industrial revolution, and they are as popular today as they have ever been.

Central Conveyors tends to favour chain-driven conveyors for most recycling operations. However, even our most puritanical designers have to admit that, provided they are used within their limits, belt conveyors offer a lower capital cost and excellent value for money.

A well designed belt conveyor will require only a minimum of routine maintenance and providing this is not neglected a very long operational life. The machines are essentially very simple, and do not require a highly skilled mechanical engineer for most routine maintenance/checks. All of this contributes towards a low overall Cost of Ownership.

A major drawback to friction-driven belt conveyors is that they can be susceptible to jamming or slipping if the carried product falls off the belt and into the works of the conveyor. (particularly if such material wraps around the drive roller). For this reason, belt conveyors are a good choice for either A belt conveyor would usually be a poor choice for

Central conveyors have extensive experience of designing and producing belt conveyors, and would be delighted to talk with you about your requirements.